Dear Parents,

     In order to enhance our school year, I invite you to join in a scavenger hunt! If you can, please assist your child in bringing in your extra ABCs... Any Beautiful Collectibles for the classroom. We will be happy to accept these items all year long!

Thank you!
Mrs. Mitchell and Ms. Hotaling

A: Anything
B: Books, Board games for rainy days
C: Cotton balls (yellow, white)
D: Dry erase markers, Department store catalogs
E: Edible treats
G: Glitter, Games
H: Hand Sanitizer
I: Index cards (fluorescent)
J: Job related donations--anything we can use that your company will donate
K: Kleenex
L: Lunch bags (brown, white, red, pastel)
M: Magazines (old/new), Markers
N: Newspaper (Mini Pages), Nonfiction books
O: Old books for the classroom library
Paper (designer, neon), Playground equipment (jump ropes, hula hoops, basketballs, balls), Paper plates, pencils (colored)
Q: Quick and easy ideas you wish to share
R: Ribbons
S: Stickers, Seasonal items, Sponges
T: Treats for the treasure chest (small toys, notepads, etc.)
U: Used greeting cards (any season, any occasion)
V: Volunteers (class, library, Parent Teacher Association)
W: Writing Supplies, Warm smiles
X: Xerox paper (fluorescent)
Y: Yarn
Z: Ziploc bags--generic type--zipper seal (quart, sandwich)


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